Short post- 5 facts about Anxiety

Hey guys so today will be a short post due to the fact I’m unwell, I have an ear infection and throat infection.

I thought I would write 5 facts about anxiety. I always feel like it is better to understand our anxieties before we can go on and proceed to try and control them and accept them

1. There are different types of anxiety disorders including – generalised anxiety disorder (GAD), panic disorder, separation anxiety and many others.

2. Anxiety is the most common mental health disorder. With nearly 30% of adults developing it at some point in their life.

3. More than half of the individuals diagnosed with some form of anxiety also have depression too

4. It can be genetic, if anxiety ( or other mental health disorders) run in your family, it is more likely for you to develop the same.

5. Your diet can affect your anxiety. Eating healthier foods can reduce anxiety greatly along with exercise. Some foods can trigger anxiety such as takeaways, or alcohol. Alcohol especially for me triggers panic attacks

I really hope you found this interesting. I’m sorry it was so short due to the fact I’m unwell but hopefully I’ll be better soon and can write some more for you!

Until next time…

Jessie xx

The Bodyshop Seaweed Range review

Hello there! Yeah, I know that this is the second post in a week, right now I don’t really have a routine as such for Blogging, I am doing it as and when I want to. Sorry. This is due to the global pandemic situation right now.

Anyways, Today I am writing about the Bodyshop Seaweed range which I have been loving, it literally has saved my skin!

My skin is a little bit of this and a little bit of that. It depends on life factors such as my stress level, the weather, humidity.

My skin is very dry but oily in the T zone and then sensitive as well. It is difficult to find products that can cater for all those problematic areas without a a part of my face being irritated.

The seaweed range is aimed for Combination/Oily skin. I bought this with the mindset that It could irritate my skin as it does have a scent. However, the range is soap free and oil free.

This is the Seaweed range, It comes in beautiful packaging and recyclable plastic

The products below are some of the seaweed range, There are other products to be bought in this range, however these are the basics and the products I feel like are essential for my skincare regime.

Deep cleansing Gel wash

This cleanser is a nice cleanser, it is a gel formula which is my favourite type of cleanser anyways, but it also has Seaweed extracts from the South-West coast of Ireland. It gives the skin a deep cleanse and it can also be used for removing makeup. I have used this for taking my more heavy-duty makeup off on nights out and I can honestly say that it is great. It removes everything without you having to drag the skin, it just melts away and BOOM, you have clean, cleansed skin. I feel like this has helped my appearance of large pores, obviously along with the other products too.

Oil balancing toner

I know a lot of people that say they don’t feel like a toner is an essential part of their skincare routine. Honestly, I feel like a toner is an amazing must have product especially for oily skin! It refreshes the skin, removes any excess product from cleansing, any leftover makeup you may have missed and balances the skin out. It literally is a life saver. This toner is so gentle even on my sensitive areas on my face. A little goes a long way.

Oil control gel cream

This is a nice lightweight gel formula cream. This feels light on the skin and targets the areas where your face needs hydration. It also grabs the excess oil from your skin that you do not need and balances the skin out.

Oil balancing clay mask

I put this last as it is not essential but it’s a nice extra for a pamper evening, I find that it does help, even applying it once a week to the face for 15 minutes. It helps remove the lingering oils on my face. Treat yourself to this as it defiantly worth it

All of these products are really affordable. I mostly get my products from Megan Bowles, if you would like some more information be sure to follow her on Instagram and DM her with any questions you may have!

Megans Instagram is @Megansbeautybay

My social medias are as follows

Instagram @jessiesblog698

Twitter @jessiesblog698

Wattpad jessiesblog698

until next time…

Jessie xx

Notes on a Nervous planet book review- Matt Haig

Good morning my beautiful human beings. So I have just recently finished the book by Matt Haig called “Notes on a nervous planet”. Today I will be doing a review on this book.

Firstly, I will give you a little overview of this book as it can be hard to tell by the title on what it is all about. 


This book is a Non-Fiction novel which aims to tackle the life of anxiety, stress and difficult times in your life. Matt Haig also adds bit of his life into the book which can help explain key concepts written within the book. It includes his moments of panic, his experience with anxiety and addiction and how to be kinder to yourself. He also intelligently explains how this modern world can have a huge impact on our daily life, with things like media, work, education and social pressures.

The review

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. At the beginning I wasn’t so sure, because I thought, reading about anxiety and stress may trigger off a panic bell in my brain and therefore I would have a moment of panic.  The book made me feel less alone, like others had been going through similar feelings to myself. It made me realise that Its okay not to be okay sometimes. They’re were moments where I was tense and anxious as it took me back to those moments where I had felt similar emotions

The chapters are short and sweet which made it easier to read. Personally I like short chapters and paragraphs as it makes it less boring and more easier to understand.

This book did grip onto me and make me want to keep reading on as it was almost like a self help book, where Matt shared his own experiences and thoughts about different topics and situations.

The only dislike of this book is I wish it was longer, or had more pages. The reason being is because it is an amazing book. However he does have other books related to mental health which I intend to get my hands on and read.

I would recommend this book to teenagers and adults, It is a great, helpful read and it is a average sized book to read. Great book.

I would give this book a 5 out of 5 stars!

If you have read this book, let me know what your thoughts are in the comments below.

Thanks for reading

Until next time….

Jessie xx

Mental Health awareness- Self care

I am going to start off this blog by saying that I will be doing a mental health awareness series of blog posts during this global pandemic. The world just now is a stressful place for everyone, therefore I will be writing different blogs to help keep you entertained and hopefully happy.

The first one I am doing is self care, this is vital. You need to have at least one self care day a week, even if this is just in an evening when you are not busy or in the morning whilst eating some scrambled eggs and toast. It is vital for our mental wellbeing,

I will be listing some self care ideas below, which you can try and let me know if they are good and what you thought of them.

Call a friend

This may be a bit obvious and something you do regularly anyways, but it is a good distraction away from any anxiety and It can alleviate sadness and signs of depression. Plus it is always good to chat to your friends and see how they are doing.

Relax by a fire and read your favourite book

Reading is another great distraction, It helps you sleep and it also helps you stay off any devices, away from social media, social distractions and other disrupting texts and emails. Relax, read a book and have some healthy snacks. It can help slacken some stress and even produce endorphins which can make you feel happier.

Go for a shower/Bath

I find this really relaxing. I personally have a shower but I like to add a lavender spray into the bottom of the shower and then when it steams up then the scene of the lavender can take all your stress away. I also like to to apply a nice body lotion after my shower just to give myself a little pampering. You can obviously add things in such as facemark, body scrubs, manicure and pedicure to your routine.

Do some Yoga or some other form of exercise

I personally haven’t tried yoga but I have used the gym as a place to go when I feel sad or depressed or even anxious, sometimes it is hard to go when you feel so down or nervous about something but it is important to go as it can relieve a lot of tension and anger. If you feel the gym is too much for you, even getting outside for as little as half an hour can be helpful and get some of those endorphins popping. Meditation can also come into this, it is good for the mind, body and soul.

Clean your house/Bedroom

I do this when I can as it helps to take my mind of things and if you are doing it properly, it will release some endorphins into the brain which will obviously make you smile and you deserve to smile 🙂

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, I will leave some helpful numbers below for you if you are feeling down or just need someone to talk to

Until next time….

Jessie x

Thank you

Loving someone with BPD

Hey my fellow followers. Today I thought I would write a post about dealing with someone who has BPD ( Borderline personality disorder). I feel like there are lots of blog posts about BPD, how to manage BPD but not enough on someone actually writing about how they deal with a loved one who has BPD.

I just want to clarify that this post is not me saying I don’t want to be there or that I cant handle it, it is me explaining how I feel with loving someone with BPD.

I am not going to go into any detail about what BPD is becuase if you are reading this you are most likely to have someone you love or care about with it or you may have it yourself.

I have someone that I care about ( FOR THE PURPOSE OF THIS POST WE SHALL CALL HIM DAVID) and he has BPD, recently I have struggled to cope with his different emotions, thoughts and feelings but i want to write what i struggle with and get to know what BPD is all about. After all, we should all be here for each other.

I am going to write the things that I struggle dealing with when I am with David or speaking to him

Bad days

Obviously everyones bad days are different to every individual. Everyone has bad days, people with or without a mental health disorder. The bad days David has includes moodiness, frustration, wants to be alone but also he feels the need for company, sadness. Dealing with his emotions and actions on a bad day is really difficult because when he is angry I feel like everything is my fault, I feel like ive done something to make him feel this way and then it makes me sad. The times where he wants to be alone is hard becuase I want to be there to support him and care for him but he wants to be on his own, I feel a bit abandoned and I feel like he is being distant or ‘Off’ with me. I hate not being able to help with his moods. I feel like his emotions are very mixed and can range. His emotions can also go from one to another quite rapidly. All I want to do is give him reassurance and affection but sometimes he doesnt like the affection on his bad days and its hard to take. But I do and always will do what is needed to help him.

Bad thoughts

When David has his bad thoughts it makes me feel really confused because he was okay yesterday he was fine or he was smiling this morning, I struggle to understand this. Thats okay, this is why I want to write this post, to understand BPD and get to know the illness better. I want to help these thoughts but its almost like they are drilled into his head and unable to dissapear . I wish I could take control of the drill and unscrew the drawers in his brain where these negative thoughts are kept in.


Someone with BPD requires a large amount of reassurance. Me myself having anxiety, I require a lot of reassurance. I think a lot of people suffering with mental health disorders require this. Sometimes he thinks he Isn’t good enough or I have to reassure him that we are okay, we are fine, everything will be okay and that the bad feelings he is suffering will pass. I find this easier to understand because as I mentioned, I also need reassurance a lot. I understand this.

On the positive side

I don’t want to forget the positives that come with loving someone with BPD.

  • People with BPD can still feel happiness and love
  • People with BPD have deep empathy, they will care about you passionately
  • People with BPD have an understanding of an invisible illness
  • You are unique

I hope this post has helped some of you out there, whether you are someone suffering with BPD, someone that you are caring for, someone you love. I hope this has gave you an insight to the feelings of someone who deals with it.

I also want to add a side note- This was not meant to offend or upset anyone, I just wanted to give a summary of how I feel and I hope to learn more about BPD.

If you feel like you need help or support, please talk to your doctor. They are the proffesionals. I am not in any way trained in mental health.

Thank you for reading

Stay safe everyone

Until next time…

Jessie xx

Misconceptions about Anxiety

The truth is, anxiety sucks. It’s best known for ruining things you enjoy, making your happy thoughts go into more sad and unwanted thoughts. You can also feel like there is no way out, no escape. Almost like you are in a locked room and no one has the key.

I thought I would share some Myths and misconceptions about anxiety. There are so many different things that people say about anxiety that it can be hard to know what to believe. So here are 5 myths all about anxiety.

Anxiety is all in your head, It is not a real illness

We have all heard this. This is a very common myth about anxiety. Anxiety is a real illness, its not just ‘All in your head’. The symptoms of anxiety start physically hurting such as tightness in the chest, stomach ache, headache and you may begin to sweat, feel dizzy. These symptoms are very real and affect you physically and mentally.

You can faint due to a panic attack

Feeling faint or dizzy or even feeling sick are common symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks but these symptoms do not commonly occur. These would only take place in extreme situations. If you are helping someone whilst they are having a panic attack, it is best to ensure them they will not faint or be sick because the thought of those symptoms appearing may make them feel worse.

Anxiety disorders are noticeable

Anxiety feels very real and it is very real, however 99% of the time no one will know you are feeling anxious. For example if you are sitting on a bus and your starting to get anxious , its reassuring that no one will notice. Everyone else is not really paying attention, although you may feel that all eyes are on you, let me reassure you, they are not. People with anxiety often have techniques which they know will help them , therefore they often manage their anxiety before it turns into a panic attack.

Medication is the only way

This could not be any more false! In-fact I want to tell you a bit about my journey with therapy and medication.

I went about 6 years with no medication, at the age of 16 it was offered to me, however i really didn’t want to take anything because i wanted to see if anything else could help me escape from my anxiety. Therapy did wonders for me and yes I am on medication now but this is only temporary, a few other events caused me to worsen therefore I then felt medication was necessary. if those events did not happen I doubt very much that I would be on medication.

Just because medication may be offered, does not mean you have to say yes.

I am a big believer that you should try other things first and use medication as the last resort. I also believe medication on its own will not work to the best, it should be used alongside therapy or counselling sessions, however this is just my opinion and what has worked for me.

Generalised Anxiety disorder is not common (GAD)

It is a known fact that 1 in 6 people suffer from a mental health problem. Anxiety disorder is very very common. It is common everywhere. It is common in the workplace, at home, in school, it is common in adults, teenagers and younger children.

People need to know that they are not alone, it is very common and if you feel you need some further help, talk to your GP.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, I hope it was of some help to you.

Until next time….

Jessie x


Oh Hello again my fellow peeps!

Basically I am isolated, i cant leave my house unless it is for exercise or for necessities. It sucks. My Mental status is , well it is not good. I feel anxious 90% of the time, I hate being stuck indoors. I understand why we need to be indoors but it still sucks, so I am going to write a blog post on the more positive things in life right now for me 🙂

  1. Time to focus on myself– I now have time to focus on myself meaning that I can write more, focus on my mental health and self care days, spend more time with my dogs ( all 7!) and spend more time with my family that live in the same house as me. I can also take the time to find new things that I like.
  2. Watch Disney movies- Okay so recently I got Disney+, This is literally the best purchase ever! They have lots of Disney, Pixar and Marvel movies and lots of childhod favourites. It is also a really good distraction from my crippling anxiety too. Ive been watching some recently and honestly its such fun!
  3. Spring clean-This is a god idea to do anyways but since were in isolation it could mean you can do an even deeper clean of your room/house. I find that i like decluttering first of all and then actually cleaning with wipes and furniture polish and then hoovering last. You could clean your wardrobe, makeup, shoe storage and that junk drawer you have been avoiding. I have cleaned literally everything in my bedroom, maybe now I will move onto something else.
  4. Relaxation- This is something i find very difficult to do, so would most people with mental health disorders bur we can only try. I have been doing things that make me feel relaxed. The key thing with relxation is to find things that you dont find a ‘Chore’ to do. For me, It is reading books especially by Matt Haig ( My favourite Author), writing whether that is with pen and paper or on here, I love both and i also love watching a movie. All of these things are relaxing for me. Do what makes you feel relaxed

Thank you for reading, stay safe and well and see you soon…

Jessie x

Story time #1

So right now I don’t know how to feel. I feel numb but scared at the same time. I’m in a place where I can’t really get anxious but it’s eating at me. The anxiety is eating away at me. It’s hard. All I can think is negative thoughts.

My brother is a great source of help but I feel sick, tingly in my feet and legs and sweaty. I need some water. Or something cold.


Hello there

Just one big idea and it change the world…

Isn’t it amazing how one fantastic idea can change the world, change your world or someone elses world. Each day arrives with new adventures and creations…

Hello and welcome to my first Blog post! Grab your coffee and some biscuits and join me in my writing journey!I am going to be telling you a bit about myself and what I will be writing abot=utI am 19 years old and have always loved writing for many years, since I was a child, writing is something I was always good at and I hope to continue writing. I hope as my Blog progresses that I have the chance to collaborate with other bloggers and meet new people along the way. I am from Scotland and I adore Scotland. Scotland is a beautiful place and I will never change my opinion. My main focuses on this blog are

– Mental Health

– Book reviews

– physical Health

– A bit about my life ( maybe some rants, because who doesn’t love a rant?)

I hope that you enjoy my Blog and give it a follow ❤

Until next time…

Jessie x

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